Others on the other hand are vulnerable to DNS attack. Which means someone might be viewing your URL bar. If you visited a website it doesn’t mean they don’t know you. What you don’t know is that the website you visited might just be able to see your IP address. In other words it’s much similar to when you tell someone your name and street address. The data tracking companies mostly arrange data in categories. These make it much easier to pull out from the system when needed. For example marketing companies are making an ad for a retail company and they are looking for a certain group of consumers. The system will target a specific description.

Categorization of the consumers is nothing new. Just using Privacy software like Identity Theft Preventer can point out just how much we as users leave easily available on our computers and Web Browsers, without ever being aware of it. The reason the companies and cybercriminals gather so much data is the cookie left in Browser. It has been proved that only 25% of Internet users clean the Web Browser regularly. Which makes the rest of them easy to target. “The Internet Never Forgets”, so how much exactly is accumulated on us over time?


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